A one-of-a-kind restaurant, proudly and loudly serving outrageously tasty food – Big, bold flavors including your traditional favorites and all the “kick” and quality food that Texans have been creating for hundreds of years. Though Don Pablo’s is a die hard believer in the basic greatness of Tex-Mex cuisine, there’s nothin’ basic about how we do it.
For more than 20 years now, Don Pablo’s has been the end-all-be-all when it comes to genuine Big Tex. Bold Mex.
Our Big Tex, Bold Mex attitude is present in everything we say and do – from our authentic and flavorful food and signature margaritas to our unique indoor courtyard fountains and fresh tortilla stands. You won’t find a better place to relax or celebrate with friends or family and savor a genuine Tex-Mex experience.
But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve been fortunate enough to win the coveted “Choice in Chains” award from Restaurants & Institutions Magazine three different times! And something tells us you’ll know why after you taste what you’ve been missing.


At Don Pablo's, it's all about freshness! That's why each of our restaurants feature a traditional Tortilla Stand, where your flour tortillas are made fresh and cooked to order.
Legend has it that the first Tortilla was made in the country side of Mexico when a lost King stopped and was hungry. The local people had little to offer but made the first Tortilla to feed and welcome him. We continue this tradition of care and hospitality in all our Don Pablo’s by cooking only the freshest and best tasting Tortillas. Please stay a while and watch us make this delicious mainstay of Mexican Cuisine.