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Register a New Card Login Join Our E-club!

Once you receive your card from the restaurant, register online, and begin enjoying these benefits:


$10 on your birthday


Special VIP notices and exclusive offers


$10 on your 9th visit


FREE CANTINA NACHOS just for joining

And much, much more!


What benefits do I receive as a Habaneros member?
The great benefits of the Habaneros Club include: a FREE order of regular cantina nachos just for joining, $10 Birthday Rewards, a FREE order of regular sopapillas on your anniversary of signing up, $10 9th Visit Rewards and exclusive rewards throughout the year!
How do I join the Habaneros Club?
Visit your local Don Pablo’s to receive a Habaneros Card, and then register online at www.donpablos.com.
How do I redeem my rewards?
Rewards will be loaded to your Habaneros Club card. Present your Habaneros Club card to your server and your reward will be applied to your check. If you do not have your card, your server should be able to search for your account through your registered phone number. Remember, your card and phone number must be registered online. Occasionally, Don Pablo’s will provide printable coupons. You must have the 9 digit code to receive the offer from the printable coupons.
Can I use my Habaneros card at any Don Pablo’s?
Yes. Your Habaneros card can be used at any Don Pablo’s.
How do I know what rewards are on my card and what rewards I’ve used?
After your card is registered, you can check your account balance and transaction history online at www.donpablos.com. Don Pablo’s will send e-mail notifications when rewards are loaded to your card. Your server can check your balance as well.
Can I use more than one Habaneros reward at a time?
No. Only one Habaneros reward or discount may be used per visit.
Do my rewards expire?
Yes, most rewards expire in 30 days as specified in the e-mails sent to you. You can check your expiration dates by logging into your account and checking your account balance. Printable coupons have a set expiration date listed on each coupon.
Why am I not receiving e-mails or rewards from Don Pablo’s?
1) Make sure your Habaneros card is registered online.
2) Make sure you checked the box labeled “Please e-mail me when rewards are loaded to my card” when you registered.
3) Add DonPablos@DonPablos.fbmta.com to your e-mail address book to ensure delivery.
Will Don Pablo’s share the information I supply when I register my card?
No. Don Pablo’s will never sell or share your information to a third party.
I lost my card. How do I get a replacement?
If you have a registered phone number on your account, you can use that phone number to earn and redeem rewards at the store. If you would like to replace your physical card, email lostcard@dp-h.com. Don Pablo’s will e-mail you your 16 digit card number. Just take this card number into your local Don Pablo’s and they will issue a replacement. Unfortunately, replacement cards cannot be mailed.
I forgot my card when I dined at Don Pablo’s. Can I add my visit afterwards?
No. You must present your Habaneros Card or ask your server to use your registered phone number to add your visit at the time you dine in order to receive credit for your visit.
When will I receive my Birthday Reward?
Your $10 birthday reward will be loaded the Sunday before your birthday and it is valid for 30 days from that date.