Big Boss Manager-Types

Partnership: When the folks who work here do well, all of Don Pablo’s does well. And so we take it upon ourselves to make sure that all of our employees have the tools they need. There are no cogs in the machine here – we’re all cowboys and cowgirls on one big ol’ ranch. Some of us mend fences, some of us brand the cattle and some of us keep an eye on the books. But no matter what you’re doing at the time, know that we’ve got your back. Because if you’ve made it through the interviews and training, then you belong here. And your professional development is on the top of our list.

Pulling Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps
We believe in steppin’ up big when the situation calls for it. It’s called accountability. You’re not a spoke in the wagon-wheel around here. You’re part of the big picture. When you’re doing reward-worthy work, count on getting rewarded through one of our “performance-based bonus structures.”

When you’re workin’ in management, you need to get the lay of the land from the git-go. So we make darn sure that your saddle time (aka “training”) includes basic accounting principles, financial reporting and management systems. Specifically, that means all scheduling, food cost controls, guest feedback efforts, financial reporting activities and HR compliance efforts.

No matter if you’re creating those fancy-pants profit-and-loss and quarterly financial reports or inspiring your restaurant team to surprise and delight guests, we want to do everything we can to foster an environment that honors the individual, but celebrates the team.

To put it in a nut shell, we’ll do everything in our power to help you fulfill your potential.

Steps to Apply
Step 1. Application and Assessment

You’re gonna need around an hour to complete this step. First comes the application. You’re looking at about fifteen minutes to fill it out. We want to learn as much as we can about you. Sure, resumes are good, but the HR folks will poke you with a hot iron if you don’t fill out a complete application.

Told us everything there is to know about you? Think again, partner. Once you’ve finished the application, you’ll be directed to the assessment page. Depending on your speed-reading skills, this will take approximately 45-50 minutes to complete.

All this stuff is to make sure you’ve put a post where you can shine like a silver dollar on a clear night. We even have one’ve them fancy validated management assessments that will let us know if Don Pablo’s and you go together like refried beans and rice.

Step 2. Talk with Us on the Phone

One of the Don Pablo’s recruiters will schedule a time to speak with you by phone at your convenience. Hey, we’re flexible like that. The phone interview will take about 45 minutes, unless you get all wordy on us. You can ask us anything you like and be sure that we’ll be doin’ the same. If your qualifications and experience make a firm handshake with our need and we have met your requirements as well, we will invite you to come on over to step three. The recruiter will ask for your John Hancock (that’s your signature) in order to conduct a background search. Yeah, we’ll get all Texas Ranger on you now.

Step 3. Face-to-Face #1

Now’s the time to meet with one of our Training General Managers (TGM) in the flesh. Don’t let the title fool ya, they’re as harmless as a June bug. Mostly.

You two will meet in friendly territory (one of our restaurants) for a sit-down. Plan on setting aside one to one and a half hours. The TGM will conduct the interview and get to know you better.

Step 4. Realistic Job Preview (RJP)

Now the goodness of reality sets in. You’ll get two hours to see what the life of a real-live Don Pablo’s manager is like. The first 30 minutes will be spent with the TGM. This is your opportunity to shadow the manager like stink on an onion as they perform their duties and responsibilities with pride and style (what other way is there?). Feel free to ask all the questions about the job you want, ’cause now’s the time. The rest of your time will be spent exploring the restaurant on your own. Observe the people and the products, interact with the guests, ask questions and get involved in any way you can. This is your chance to really experience and find out as much as you can about the work style, operations and atmosphere at Don Pablo’s.

Step 5. Face-to-Face #2

Moving on up the ladder, this interview will be with the Area Director of the market. The Area Director will spend approximately one hour getting to know you better. Don’t worry, no need to shake in yer boots at this point. That comes next.

Step 6. Offer

Pins and needles time. We will consider the entire interview process when we make our decision while you sweat it out. We don’t take this decision lightly. After all, it’s like we’re handing you one of our young’ens. After the campfire breaks, you’ll be contacted by either the Area Director or Recruiter with the decision. Good luck!
We’ve got a heapin’ helpin’ of benefits for our partners. We’d try to boil it down for ya, but those lawyer-types don’t look kindly on that sorta thing. So here they are in all their splendor.

Health & Welfare Insurance

Salaried employees are eligible for Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability. These benefits can be effective the first of the month following a 60 day waiting period from hire date. Enrollment materials and information is sent after all new hire paperwork is submitted to the Corporate Office. For employees promoted from an hourly position to a salaried position, benefits can be effective the first of the month following a 60 day waiting period from promotion date.

Employee Assistance Program – Ability Assist

Ability Assist is an employee assistance program (EAP) provided by the company. It’s a free resource program which is designed to help maintain and promote the well being of employees both in the workplace and at home. The program can help employees resolve issues that interfere with job performance and overall success. Ability Assist offers support on a wide range of topics. The program will give you confidential access to experiences counselors 24/7, to seek answers when it is most convenient for you. For more information, contact Benefit Services at 210-403-3725 ext. 209.

Long Term Disability

For those eligible salaried employees, the company provides Long Term Disability coverage that would begin after six months of full disability. This benefit will provide you with 60% of your monthly base pay income. This disability plan not only helps replace your lost income when you’re disabled, but offers a wide range of resources and support services to help you return to an independent, productive lifestyle.


Salaried employees earn ten (10) days of Vacation after one year of salaried service. After five (5) years of salaried service, all Salaried Exempt employees are eligible for fifteen (15) days paid vacation.


Make-It-Happen Waitstaff & Kitchen Staff

Gut Check:
You ever had to miss a day’s work because the cows got out?

Are you quick as a hiccup and cute as a possum?

Are you tough as an old boot?

If you can answer “yes” to any of those questions, chances are you’d love working at Don Pablo’s. See, “Big Text. Bold Mex.” isn’t just something we say around here.

It’s how we work and live.

You wanna go to work everyday at some tasteless, talent-less burger joint or “American Standard” favorite where your customers can get a nice soup and salad and free dinner rolls? Go right ahead. We’re pretty sure there are six or eight of those on this very street.

That’s not what we do.

“Big Tex. Bold Mex.” is about being strong, tough, hard workin’, friendly, proud… and having the guts to get into a ring with a bull that wants to put a horn up your nether regions.

At Don Pablo’s, we won’t ever ask you to fight a bull. But if that’s the kind of stuff that makes the gruff of your neck frizz up… we’d like to get to know you.

That’s what working at Don Pablo’s is all about. It’s taking chances. It’s being adventurous. It’s passion.

And it’s darn good food.

It is big, bold, hot, spicy and tasty all get-out.

You think you’ve got what it takes?

Are you sure?

Then we wanna talk to you. So come on in. Today.

Health & Welfare Insurance

As an hourly employee of Rita Restaurant Corp. you are eligible for our Benefits Plan. Eligibility: 60 days of employment, annual open enrollment, or a life status change (marriage, birth, adoption, or loss of other coverage). You have the choice of Medical and Dental Insurance. Enrollment is not automatic, and failure to enroll waives your right to benefits until open enrollment, if offered. Open enrollment typically falls in June. Check with your Manager for further details or call Benefit Services at 210-403-3725 ext. 209.


Hourly employees earn one (1) week of vacation upon their anniversary date if found to average 32 hours of more in the previous 52 weeks. The week of vacation must be taken during the year following their anniversary date with the Company. Vacation time must be taken in 1 week increments and must be used before the next anniversary or prior to leaving the company.